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Dalian Zhongde Perlite Factory (Dalian Ruite building materials limited company) was established in 1983. With a development history of more than 30 years, it has become a famous expanded perlite production enterprise in China and has been world-renowned for its high-quality and diversified expanded perlite and perlite products for many years. At present, it has hundred kinds of products, which are widely used in dozens of areas such as building materials, agricultural landscape materials, refractory, and chemical industry. Its registered trademark "图片关键词 " has become a very famous trademark. It embodies Zhongde's product management concept of paying attention to the products from point to surface while reaching every aspects to pursue product quality and strive for consummate cooperation. It also contains the deep meaning that Zhongde Perlite Factory has been working hard for decades and developed from a small scale factory into a leading enterprise.


The marketing of Dalian Zhongde Perlite Factory has many features such as wide sales region and diversified customers. These marketing features are not obtained overnight, but accumulated in production and operation over the years. The marketing service process is as follows: customer requirements → plant engineers analyze requirements → select products to carry out the experiment → provide customers with samples or a small amount of products for trial → start purchasing after products have met customer requirements. The overall process always gives top priority to customer demands, and professional technical analyses are added to achieve customer satisfaction. The company got the import and export rights in the 90s of the last century. Since then, it has been actively exploring overseas markets and has won overseas customer recognition with superb product quality before long. The products are massively exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, as well as Europe and the United States.

For many years, in addition to attaching importance to product quality and marketing, the company also carries out technical exchanges and cooperation with advanced foreign enterprises and domestic colleges and universities, such as Hong Kong University and Dalian University of Technology. Besides, it also participates in a number of domestic technical communication associations to accelerate product research and development work. With the increasing of domestic fire safety awareness of building thermal insulation materials in recent years, A-level fire insulation materials have been emerging. Expanded perlite, as a kind of environment-friendly A1 level thermal insulation material, is paid attention to again. In order to meet the demands of domestic market, Zhongde Pearlite has brought in foreign advanced production technology and developed expanded perlite products such as ”VMB polymer honeycomb type thermal insulation mortar" and "expanded perlite hydrophobic type fire insulation board". It also invested in and established an automatic production line with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Its annual production is hundreds of thousands of cubic meters. The products are widely used in civil building insulation, industrial building insulation, and heat preservation of equipment, etc. In 2012, the company, as the standing vice president unit of Liaoning Building Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association and the main participant, participated in the establishment of the first domestic "Technical Regulations for Thermal Insulation Engineering of Expanded Perlite Insulation Board", and played a great role in the market promotion of expanded perlite insulation board.

Dalian Zhongde Perlite Factory now covers a plant area of 120 thousand square meters, construction area of 30 thousand square meters, and green area of 3 thousand square meters. It has more than 100 sets of mechanical equipment and more than 100 staffs, including 8 senior engineers awarded as the outstanding contributor of perlite industry in China. The factory is located at a position 1.5 km away from 202 National Road of Jinzhou Exit of Shenyang-Dalian Highway, 24 km away from the airport, and 18 km from the container port. It is a very advantageous geographical position, which is also convenient for transportation.


Dalian Zhongde Perlite Factory always adheres to the enterprise principle of "survive on quality, develop on credit". With the most reasonable price, highest-quality products, and the most responsible attitude, we provide the most excellent service to each of our customers. Hereby, we are looking forward to your visit!