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Dalian German perlite factory technology transfer manual
Former language
Our factory was founded in 1983, nearly 30 years has been engaged in insulation materials R & D, production and sales, during the constantly updated technology, improve product quality, development of new materials, over the years accumulated a wealth of practical experience. Perlite products in our factory in the country and some countries in the world has a very high reputation and market share, products sold throughout the country and exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States, Taiwan and other countries and regions, multiple, at the technical level, product quality, integrity compliance, get the users are highly valued.
In recent years, domestic materials of fire rating requirements to improve the building thermal insulation materials, a rapid promotion in our country, the expanded perlite product of our factory products, including many hydrophobic perlite fireproof insulation board, glazed hollow bead insulation mortar, polymer honeycomb type, with high quality products, reasonable product quality price to get the favor of customers, the hydrophobic expanded perlite fireproof insulation board perfect solution of water glass perlite products easy anti alkali, lead layer desquamation of the building insulation, while strengthening the strength of products under the premise of ensuring product insulation effect, reduce product loss, reduce the construction cost for the customer, get the market is widely recognized.
"China and Germany" trademark was awarded "famous trademark", and expanded perlite as inorganic heat preservation material leading products have been perceived by each industry. The application of accounting for inorganic insulation materials, and with social progress and development will have a wider space.
In view of the fact that the restriction on the location of our factory, hence considered except for Liaoning and part of the surrounding area outside the region to carry out the work of technology transfer, we hope that with the essence of the "German" products to the domestic building insulation materials market achieved greater success!
Technology Transfer Project
And the hydrophobic expanded perlite fireproof insulation board
- glass beads of honeycomb type polymer insulation mortar (inorganic insulation mortar)
Silicone hydrophobic agent
The production process and expanded perlite
Technology transfer process
1 selected technology transfer projects:
According to their own needs and the transfer of technology to the provisions of the transfer of technology, the selection of one or more projects in the transfer of technology;
2 discussing the specific content of technology transfer
The two sides reached a consensus on the contents of the transfer of technology, fees and other aspects, and signed a technology transfer agreement, and then signed a formal contract after the two sides negotiated;
3 complete transfer of Technology
In accordance with the contract, the two parties to fulfill their obligations, the final completion of the transfer of technology.
Technology transfer related provisions
Customers who want to buy our product technology to understand our factory to the technology transfer related matters to make the provisions
I plant related technology transfer for the product itself, and the rest of the two parties can further negotiate;
After the completion of the transfer of technology, the purchase of the technical side shall not be transferred to other individuals or institutions in any form or in any form;
Technology transfer has geographical restrictions, Liaoning province and parts of the surrounding area is not within the scope of technology transfer;
Technology transfer for the time being only for business customers, business customers are required to have formal and effective business qualification.