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Thick steel structure fireproof coating

Thick steel structure fireproof coating
  • NameThick steel structure fireproof coating
  • No.3008
  • Time2014-09-09


Product description:
Thick steel structure fireproof coating is the compound cementing agent, inorganic light fireproof heat insulation fillers and other additives in the factory by premixing technology made of dry mix, the scene water stirring can be used. The main component of the steel structure to ensure the good fire resistance of fire, to avoid the damage caused by the fire on the steel structure. I plant products coating thermal conductivity is low, good impact resistance, not easy to fall off, water resistance, excellent weatherability, anti chemical corrosion, construction is convenient, use daub or spray process, does not contain asbestos, non-toxic harmless to the environment. Do the building fire protection layer with mortar and waterproof coating surface.
Product use:
Steel structure buildings, fire protection layer.

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