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Polystyrene particles insulation mortar

Polystyrene particles insulation mortar
  • NamePolystyrene particles insulation mortar
  • No.3007
  • Time2014-09-09


Product description:
Powder polystyrene particles insulation mortar is a polymer with high-grade cement as main cementing material added polystyrene particles and a variety of additives in our factory adopted from pre mixed dry mixing, the construction site according to the proportion of water stirring can be used. I plant products are more easily on the wall with one's own knack in. Low thermal conductivity of the material, the heat preservation heat insulation performance is good, strong adhesion, resistance to freezing and thawing, drying shrinkage of small, not easy to hollowing and cracking. Products using on site plaster molding process, material and good workability, easy operation, high construction efficiency, forming good integrity after, in each corner without cutting board is currently applying higher rates of a building insulation practices. Belongs to class B1 refractory heat preservation material.
Product use:
B1 grade fire - Industrial and civil buildings (non - high) external wall, roof insulation, etc..

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