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The honeycomb type polymer glazed hollow bead insulation mortar

The honeycomb type polymer glazed hollow bead insulation mortar
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  • NameThe honeycomb type polymer glazed hollow bead insulation mortar
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Glazed hollow bead polymer honeycomb type insulation mortar is a kind of inorganic silicate material, with expanded perlite (hydrophobic or ordinary perlite) as the main ingredient, mixing with other functional groups made for building external () insulation wall of dry mixture and Portland cement mortar and plaster mortar weighs 70% lighter than the above, the heat resistance of 4-5 times, with small coefficient of thermal conductivity, no crack, not falling, bags, not combustion, high seismic intensity, strong weatherability and other characteristics, fire rating of A1. Construction method is simple, and the plastering cover surface methods as, in site and water mixing can be on the wall, off the ash can be reused, small loss at high utilization rate, does not contain banned National asbestos fiber is a kind of green energy saving and environmental protection, new thermal insulation material. This product has passed the inspection of the quality inspection department and the fire resistance performance test.



Industrial and civil building clay bricks, hollow bricks, aerated concrete, brick, heat preservation brick, concrete, facades and interior wall, roofing, flooring, stair and elevator well, fireproof isolation belt, balcony, tanks, fire protection equipment insulation, etc. can be used this product.




Product details:
Our packing is 100L woven bag, large capacity, more environmentally friendly,
To ensure that customers buy products in full amount, but also to provide customers with
The most green use condition.









I plant a unique product formula, with strong adhesion, can form a honeycomb structure, so that our products and better insulation effect and stability.









We use the best quality perlite thermal insulation mortar, the best quality of production







By our own research and development of automatic thermal insulation mortar production line, the annual output of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters





 Good inventory management to meet the needs of users at any time and anywhere  图片关键词



Years of operation, we have a set of complete and smooth delivery service process, even if you never leave home can also order by phone products, all in an effort to you more convenient and more peace of mind.

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