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Mortar King

Mortar King
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  • NameMortar King
  • No.01-92
  • Time2013-09-26


Product description:
Mortar king is the traditional cement additives, added to the cement mortar can spread cement, emulsification and foaming, increase cement mortar workability, easy to operate, improve masonry wiping efficiency, reducing dust fall, to reduce and prevent the mortar bleeding, flow hanging, on the shell and cracking, increase the early strength of mortar, save cement and plaster, also known as cement plasticizer. Ordinary concrete ground or surface layer effect is obvious. In masonry, the use of mortar full of high degree, after hardening with frost, anti - leakage, durability, crack, heat preservation effect.
Product use:
Masonry mortar mixed with the process to improve the workability of the mortar and non lime type admixture.

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