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The ordinary cement perlite fireproof insulation board

The ordinary cement perlite fireproof insulation board
  • NameThe ordinary cement perlite fireproof insulation board
  • No.2002
  • Time2013-09-27


Product description:
Ordinary cement expansion perlite fireproof insulation board belonging to the pure inorganic silicate products, green environmental protection, does not contain any harmful to human body composition, acid and alkali resistant, fire rating of A1. Low price, all block insulation, insulation materials in the lowest price of the product, and has good thermal insulation effect, the same requirements, the insulation thickness only aerated block, slag, diatomite insulating brick 1 / 2. Convenient construction, masonry, laying ordinary cement mortar or lime mortar can bond, then can enter the mask face, waterproof and other processes, without waiting for, static, sheet can be sawing, cutting, nail. The use of a long period of time, reasonable construction and in no one for the destruction, can be the same as the building.
Product use:
Industrial and civil building exterior wall insulation, interior wall insulation, roofing, ground, platform insulation, all kinds of thermal equipment, furnace wall insulation, all kinds of media pipeline insulation.

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