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Expanded perlite

Expanded perlite
  • NameExpanded perlite
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Product description:
German expansion perlite (ordinary beads) is with acidic volcanic glassy lava by mining, crushing, screening into a certain granularity, under the high temperature of 1200 degrees firing expansion and, belonging to the pure inorganic silicate, alkali resistance, acid resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, non burning, honeycomb, and has excellent heat insulation, sound insulation and heat insulation performance, in architecture, gardening, chemical industry and other fields has a widely used.



Product use:

  • Civil and industrial building roofing, floor, wall, cultural stone, European style, all kinds of forms, such as filling materials, etc..
    Class A1 fire - in, the wall insulation wall, A1 grade fireproof insulation mortar (with water repellent, ordinary type).
    A1 grade fire - inside and outside wall, fire door core, tank, heat preservation and insulation board, etc..
    Refractory light casting, refractory precast parts, cement light casting material (graded) Note: with iron content of 1%.
    High explosive composite metal plate, explosive, such as explosive.
    Cryogenic insulation used.
    Detergent, hand washing agent, oil absorption filter agent.
    Agricultural, vegetable, garden, flowers, nursery cultivation and improvement of soil, etc..







Product details:
After 30 years of painstaking research, now Germany has nearly 100 kinds of expanded perlite products,
In the product category in our website you can find any kind of expanded perlite products you need
China will provide the most suitable perlite, high-quality products for you.





Alkali resistance, acid resistance
Non-toxic, tasteless
1200 for high temperature
Fire rating A1 level, not burning




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