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Polymer inorganic fireproof insulation material

Polymer inorganic fireproof insulation material
  • NamePolymer inorganic fireproof insulation material
  • No.01-8
  • Time 2013-09-26



Product introduction:


Polymer inorganic fireproof insulation rubber material by inorganic cementitious materials and polymer, etc. all kinds of additives in the factory by pre mixed dry mix technology made specifically for allocation of insulation mortar composite cementitious materials, and micro beads have a good affinity, good film forming, high bonding strength, simple ingredients, low cost, and ease of, smear of good, easy to operate, suitable and vitrified micro beads, beads with manufacturing inorganic thermal insulation polymer mortar, fireproof performance up to grade A1, and polystyrene particles and organic material mixing effect is also excellent, fire performance can reach the B1 level.
Product use:
Composite cementitious materials for preparation of heat insulation slurry with organic and inorganic lightweight aggregate.
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