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The hydrophobic expanded perlite

The hydrophobic expanded perlite
  • NameThe hydrophobic expanded perlite
  • No.04
  • Time 2013-09-27


Product description:
Hydrophobic perlite solves insulation materials widespread water absorption rate, and increasing of the coefficient of heat conductivity of ills, the thermal insulation performance is stable and reliable, particles wrapped a layer of hydrophobic film, as the aggregate used to reduce content and adhesive content and improve the workability, increase the strength of the products. Product rejection water, but oil absorption, can be applied to the characteristics of the adsorption of oil products in the water, the adsorption capacity of large and not heavy in the water, the effective purification of water surface.
Inorganic thermal insulation mortar lightweight aggregate, hydrophobic inorganic heat insulation board
For cold storage, ultra low temperature transportation, underground and other waterproof requirements of high field filling insulation
With different cements made products, used for outdoor pipes, roofing, boats, water, water pipe, insulation equipment
Used to be contaminated by petroleum products, oil and oil decontamination
Purification of wastewater containing oil, anti - biological corrosion
Used in explosives, as a sensitive agent

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